Saturday, August 4, 2007

Finally it's HERE!

"Inner Workings" is a callborative effort between myself (Bob "boob" Rissetto) and my buddy Dave Pryor. We split the page count and we tried to offer something a bit different this time around. On the left sided pages we show a few development doodles and a little blurb about our process or inspiration and the right side features the final image. I think the mental process (more than the technical) is what interests so many creative people. How an artist's brain works, they're influences, and the decisions made to come to a visual conclusion. It leaves us a little more vulnerable and hopefully people will enjoy it!

We're letting them go for $20 which includes shipping and handling.

- 6" x 9"!
- 92 pages!
- full color!
- hardcover!

You can click the PayPal button at the top or you can send a check (made payable to either Bob Rissetto or Dave Pryor) to us. Drop one of us an e-mail and we'll shoot you our address: